Spending 48 Hours In Melbourne

If you are in Melbourne and you have time in your hand before leaving the city, then there are many things to enjoy without shopping. Though it is a dream city for shopping lovers but you can enjoy in other ways too.

You will find world’s best clothing brands, thrift stores as well as varied types of restaurants here. This city has many things to offer to its guests to make their experience memorable. Here are some tips on how to spend quality time without shopping in Melbourne.

Relax at the natural hot spring:

A hot spring is situated beside the city and you can go there by hiring a car easily, it is called peninsula hot spring. This is also a beautiful place for nature lovers. The eye treating hills covered by green will help you get a memorable experience. The spring is covered with rocks and this can give you a unique experience and also the privacy you want. So it will be better to go there in the evening because the scenario becomes stunning then. And you can also save your money because it is not the busy time of that place. But you have to book that place before going there. While returning from the place you can visit any of the top tandoor restaurants in Footscray to enjoy mouthwatering dishes.

Watch penguins waddle home:

Phillip Island is the place which is famous for penguins and it is also not so far from the city. There are many ways to reach there such as car, ferry, couch, etc. There are also many bonus activities for tourists, like spa therapy, motorsport activities, delicious foods like the best curry etc. The penguins are also very special because it is the smallest breed in the world. It will be also good if you go there in the evening because after the whole day of fishing and waddle they return to their home in the island and there are platforms for watching them.

Go for a scenic drive:

If you are in love with driving, then the great ocean road is the perfect place for you. It is probably one of the best coastal drive roads in the world for its scenic beauty. The road is 243 km long and this road passes through rainforests, lighthouses, etc.

Wine tasting:

Yarra valley is very famous for its wine and you can taste fresh wine at that valley. It will be great if you take a guide with you to visit that place and he will arrange the wine for you to taste.

3 Styles Of International Cuisines In Hong Kong

Hong Kong is proudly known for its food. From street food to upscale classy restaurants, it has earned its name and is also offering cuisines from all over the world, not only traditional Hong Kong food. Here are some of them.

1. Chinese
Out of all types of Chinese cuisine, Cantonese is the most popular. Hong Kong’s Chinese chefs are masters and innovators when it comes to the culinary art. Cantonese food has strong flavours with a great amount of spices in it which brings the real taste of China. In Hong Kong, Cantonese meals are often served with one of the four main staple dishes namely, noodles, rice, rice noodles or congee which is a porridge also made out of rice. Even though these dishes are not mentioned on menu cards, one of them will always be served whenever you buy Cantonese meals. Apart from Cantonese you can taste other Chinese cuisines such as Theochew, Hakka, Hokkien etc. Chinese BBQ is the next thing you should try. In Hong Kong you will find delicious sauces made out of traditional Chinese ingredients to complement the freshly roasted meat.

2. Asian
Other than Chinese, you may find South Asian, South East Asian, Middle Eastern and other Asian foods in Hong Kong. From the spices of India to the soothing flavours of Japan, they will offer you every Asian dish you could ask for. Asian cuisine can be mostly found in the commercial and shopping districts of Causeway Bay, Win Chai, Soho etc. Sushi is the most popular out of Japanese foods and biriyani is the most popular out of Indian and Pakistani foods. Thai is another famous cuisine that people are fond of. With Hong Kong building up as a commercial city, people of these nationalities have settled there, opening doors to this wide variety of cuisines in Hong Kong, check this awesome weekend brunch.

3. Western
Hong Kong has made it a point to not let anyone feel unwelcome. HK also values western cuisine ranging from French, Italian, German, Mexican, American and even Australian. You can find American fast foods and even Italian dining in HK, giving you a wide range from street food to upscale fine dining.

In most HK restaurants serving American food, you will notice a less use of butter. This is done to make the food lighter as many people prefer it that way. Also, other snacks as popcorn, potato chips etc. will have a slight taste of Hong Kong spices in them.

French desserts are very popular in HK. Any French dessert is either served originally that way or some restaurants innovate and turn them into delicious puddings so that they can add it to their Hong Kong dishes. Italian dining in HK is known as high class dining. You can find very classy Italian restaurants in every five star hotel in Hong Kong to give you that Italian fine dining experience.

With HK being known as a famous trade port in Asia, it has attracted many commercial persons and tourists. These people have influenced greatly in the culinary world in HK which brings out multi-cultural aspect of that nation. So make sure you visit HK and try out all these delicious cuisines.

Tips For Planning Your Next Corporation Event

Well, if this is your first time in planning your business corporate even it can be exciting and tiresome at the same moment because you are all too new to it. In order to make all your efforts worth it you need to bring out the best of your brand and pick the best features as well. Keep reading because we came up with some essential tips you need to focus on your cooperate event planning.
What is your main output?
Are you planning this function to publicize your new advertisements or website or is it to launch a new product and service? Whatever your goal can be your function has to go hand in hand with it. You don’t want your customers to get disappointed with your event, then it vital you think about your goal of having this event. If you want to give a memorable night to all employees and customers, then a corporate function plays a big role.
Did you make your budget?
When you are the CEO or the owner of the business, it’s important you work according to a budget because none of us like to mismanage our cash. Plus there are so many payments, investments and bills to pay in and out your company so even the one dollar is important t for you. Investing money in a corporate function should also be done carefully according to a budget. You can only make one after good research and planning of all the activities, party features and locations you want to use. If this is a tiresome task, you can always rely on a PR or event agency.
Make it unique
When you want to be an all-rounder giving a clear competition to everyone out there, one way to do so is your corporate functions. Whether you want to make it a professional one or you just want to spread the fun throughout theevent, it’s your choice and it also depends on your audience. 
One feature is to make a great change in the food process. You can go for different cuisines and also you can check for different beverages (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) for all guests because you know how food can make a change and keep you talking. Whether it’s German food, Thai, Italia, Mexican or other cuisine delights, try to go for a good menu depending on the goal of your event. Continue reading this for further information regarding best german foods.
For another feature, you can also hire a photo booth to give your guests a memorable experience on taking pics for different poses. Give them something to take home with your brand and the best and first option that comes to your mind is a photograph.
Focus on a good audience
True that you can’t invite the entire area but you can turn out your customers to clients. So, focus on the best ways to please them rather than to please a larger crowd. That’s where the quality of your corporate event lies.

How To Get Your Baby Used To Public Spaces

Many parents suffer in public as a result of fussy infants and toddlers. They scream and fuss and make life a living hell for the poor parents as they try to calm their children down. Infants and toddlers can go off for all kinds of reasons but one of the commonest reasons is that they are not used to being outside their home. Babies need to get used to all kinds of situations on this day and age as parents can no longer afford to stay at home for the first couple of years with their baby. Here are some safe places to take your baby to get them used to moving around.
Let Them Hear Sounds of Play
If it’s your first baby, chances are he/ she won’t hear other children’s voices around until significantly older. By letting your child listen to voices of children at play, you help your child get used to the volume, the cadences and tones and the sheer unpredictability of their noise. Once your child is old enough to play themselves, they won’t feel unsure or awkward as they have already been exposed to the source. To do this, take your baby out to a playground even when they are still too small to move around at best restaurant in Lutwyche. Ask your paediatrician when you can safely take baby out and then sit and watch older children play.
Get Them Used to Adult Company
Babies and toddlers instinctively gravitate toward children but become fussy and uncomfortable with strange adults. Unfortunately, today’s reality is that your children might have to spend time with strangers in a day care centre, so the best way to expose them to adult company is to take them out to places where adults mingle, like a Indian takeaway at Clayfield. Be ready to receive black looks or to take your baby out for a rocking session if the crying gets too loud. Before you go, make sure your baby is dressed comfortable, not stylishly. The baby carrier should be just right too. If your child is older, like a toddler, take a couple of small toys with you and let him/ her play while in the high chair. If they are old enough to draw, have crayons/ colour pencils and paper with you.
Make Vehicles Seem Normal
Some infants and toddlers hate vehicles. They will not stop screaming and crying until they are removed from their car seats. To be fair, most children get car sick on long drives (some get car sick even around the block). For them, the best cure is sickness pill. For others, it’s mostly a matter of becoming used to the motion of a car. Babies who were house bound for the first 6 months of their lives have a hard time adjusting to a vehicle. So take them out; buy a baby seat and strap your baby securely and go for drives. As soon as your baby can sit up (with support) point out the window. They will follow the colours. Toddlers need more attention but even they can be distracted with games or songs. If all else fails, take a selfie – new generation children seem pre- programmed to smile for the camera.