Opening Up Your Own Food Lounge

Opening up a restaurant or food lounge is every young person’s dream and if you have gotten to a point in your life where you are able to realize that dream, you should indeed consider yourself very lucky because not everyone has the opportunity to realize their dreams. However, before you embark on your project to start up your own restaurant there is a lot of work ahead of you that you will need to take care of as starting a restaurant is not an easy task. The truth is that many restaurants have failed as a result of poor planning and it is important that you do not fall in to this trap.
Choose a theme
Before you embark on your project to start a restaurant or a food lounge, you will need to decide on what kind of restaurant you want to open. You will need to decide on whether you will have an easy going, relaxed restaurant with fast food and everyone’s favorite comfort food or an up market or high end restaurant. You will also need to decide on the kind of awesome foods will serve. Think about whether you want to have an Egyptian restaurant, a Chinese restaurant, a Japanese restaurant or another kind of restaurant however for each of these choices there will a set of things you will need to take care of in terms of logistics and decorating.
For an Egyptian restaurants, you could have a pyramid theme where guest will have an experience akin to walking in to a pyramid. The restaurant can be decorated in Egyptian designs and writing. You can have Egyptian music playing in the background to enhance the atmosphere.
In order to get more ideas, you could choose to visit a museum and get some details about Egyptian life and the culture in the country in ancient times. You could even go to the internet and visit websites that teach you about modern Egyptian culture in order to inspire you.
In addition to all of this however it is vital that you find a chef that can bring beautiful Egyptian delicacies to life to give your guests a true experience of Egypt. These will be the same things you will need to do irrespective of the theme you choose for your restaurant however it is vital that you keep in mind that after all, the most important thing about your restaurant will be the good and that the atmosphere and decorations are just to enhance the experience.

Planning A Child’s Birthday Party

Planning and executing a birthday celebration will always result in a memorable time for everyone involved. Making that day extra special to a loved one would undoubtedly bring you joy. No matter the age, from toddler to the elderly, a birthday party is always encouraged and eagerly anticipated. Although themes and requirements may vary accordingly from event to event, generally, the underlying elements tend to be the same. However, this is not the case when it comes to children’s parties, especially those that are very young. Therefore, putting together a child’s birthday party calls for careful planning and paying attention to several key elements.

Planning the event
Planning a children’s party may seem a tedious task. However, party planning services, such as party hire Yarra Valley, amongst others, allow you to hand over all planning responsibility to a professional. When hiring such services, it is necessary to find a party planner that has experience in organizing children’s events. This would make your coordinating your needs with the planner, seamless.

Child-friendly food
One of the main concerns at a party is food and beverages. Children’s parties, especially if they are very young, call for special menus tailored to their palettes. It is important to check with your caterer and make your specifications clear. If you are preparing the food yourself, it is crucial to keep in mind what a child would prefer as opposed to what an adult thinks would be acceptable. For example, generally, spicy food would not be appropriate. It is also important to check with the parents of the children attending the party whether any of them are susceptible to any allergies or are sensitive to any particular ingredients. This will minimize any unnecessary food-related accidents.

In terms of beverages, it may be more apt to substitute equally delicious fruit juices for carbonated drinks. Some parents have strict rules with regard to any ‘junk’ food, and as such, this would be the wiser option.

Emergency situations
It is absolutely essential to be prepared for emergency situations such as injuries, especially at a children’s party that involves many little children running around. A complete first-aid kit should be available at all times, and should include the basics such as bandages, plasters, antiseptic cream, gauze, and cotton wool. Ice should also be kept at hand to treat any bruises and bumps. Additionally, it is prudent to either invite the parents as well, or at the very least, have other responsible adults to keep an eye on the children at all times. This would assist greatly in eliminating chances of accidents and injuries while the children are at play.

Eighteenth Birthday Ideas

Turning eighteen is a huge milestone in every person’s life as you are now legally going to become an adult, and this calls for a celebration. It is a tradition to celebrate your eighteenth birthday in a big way and it is important that you start planning well ahead of time. It is important to remember however that it is unnecessary to spend excessive amounts of money on throwing a party. It is entirely possible to throw the best party ever and give your best friends the time of their lives without spending too much money.Think about what your friend love
At this age, most of your friends are possibly very exciting about music and dancing. The chances are that they are unlikely to come to your party to sit down and eat; in fact most of your friends will be too busy dancing to remember to eat at all. For this reason, it makes more sense to invest your money on a late night DJ than to invest your money in high end catering. You could make a few things to eat yourself with the help of your family that people can eat if they are hungry however it is important to have a lot of drinks and water as your friends will be very tired and thirsty after dancing.
If you cannot afford a professional late night DJ, you could even ask a friend or a relative to do it for you. The truth is that your friends are not interested in where the music is coming from and so you could even record a CD with all the best music that you can play all night long without a DJ.
Food and cateringAs mentioned above, it is unnecessary to spend big money on the catering for your party as most of your friends are unlikely to eat. However, it is important to think about who your guests are. If you are also inviting older relations, you will need to think about the food to some extent. It might be great idea to have some dinner for only the older people while you have small easy to eat finger food for your friends who will be able to eat it while they dance and have fun. You can either make your cake yourself or have a friend or relative make a nice cake for you, your eighteenth birthday cake is a special one and it is important that you get your favourite cake of all time to celebrate the big occasion.

Win Life After Your Graduation

Attaining your graduation degree is a memorable phase of your life. Now is the time when you have to face the actual world and you will soon realize that there are various opportunities to get established. Add to that, there are also ways to enjoy the life after graduation.

Know how to brand your useless degree:

Everyone will not get the desired marks and a great job just after passing the final examination. But you have invested so much money for it so get enthusiastic that you have to build your own image to get a good job offer. Hence plan properly that how you can use your degree usefully. Besides, you can also start a small business, like setting up a commercial kitchen. There are services that offer commercial kitchens design as well as construction. You can use this type of service to build up your kitchen.

Start cooking for real:

You perhaps do not know properly how to make dishes because your parents have done this for you. So now you should assist your parents in this business and learn how to cook. This is also a skill which will help you if you have to live in another place far from your home for job purpose. Get ideas from internet or learn making dishes from your mother and experiment with new dishes. Give a surprise to your parents because you will get a long holiday after your grad. Do you know that these skills will help if you set up your cooking business? Hire commercial kitchens services and establish your own business.

Find the best place to live:

You are now free and can do anything you want so decide that where you want to live; you can go back to your parent’s home or take a home for rent. If you want to search for job, then choose the place which is cheap to rent. You still have to take money from your parents and searching jobs will need money.

Get your money in order:

If you have taken student loan, then you have to pay that money so start calculating the money because this is the time when you learn to be independent. Keeping a track of your expenditure is very important. And if you have a job now, then starts saving small amount for your future.

Keep building and maintaining your friendship:

College life is the part of our life we get the best friends for a lifetime so get in touch with them because after that making friends will be tough and you will only meet co-workers not a true friend. College life friends will help you in the bad days so keep in touch with them and make plans for outing because in few days you will busy in a company or somewhere and do not get time to meet them often.