3 Styles Of International Cuisines In Hong Kong

Hong Kong is proudly known for its food. From street food to upscale classy restaurants, it has earned its name and is also offering cuisines from all over the world, not only traditional Hong Kong food. Here are some of them.

1. Chinese
Out of all types of Chinese cuisine, Cantonese is the most popular. Hong Kong’s Chinese chefs are masters and innovators when it comes to the culinary art. Cantonese food has strong flavours with a great amount of spices in it which brings the real taste of China. In Hong Kong, Cantonese meals are often served with one of the four main staple dishes namely, noodles, rice, rice noodles or congee which is a porridge also made out of rice. Even though these dishes are not mentioned on menu cards, one of them will always be served whenever you buy Cantonese meals. Apart from Cantonese you can taste other Chinese cuisines such as Theochew, Hakka, Hokkien etc. Chinese BBQ is the next thing you should try. In Hong Kong you will find delicious sauces made out of traditional Chinese ingredients to complement the freshly roasted meat.

2. Asian
Other than Chinese, you may find South Asian, South East Asian, Middle Eastern and other Asian foods in Hong Kong. From the spices of India to the soothing flavours of Japan, they will offer you every Asian dish you could ask for. Asian cuisine can be mostly found in the commercial and shopping districts of Causeway Bay, Win Chai, Soho etc. Sushi is the most popular out of Japanese foods and biriyani is the most popular out of Indian and Pakistani foods. Thai is another famous cuisine that people are fond of. With Hong Kong building up as a commercial city, people of these nationalities have settled there, opening doors to this wide variety of cuisines in Hong Kong, check this awesome weekend brunch.

3. Western
Hong Kong has made it a point to not let anyone feel unwelcome. HK also values western cuisine ranging from French, Italian, German, Mexican, American and even Australian. You can find American fast foods and even Italian dining in HK, giving you a wide range from street food to upscale fine dining.

In most HK restaurants serving American food, you will notice a less use of butter. This is done to make the food lighter as many people prefer it that way. Also, other snacks as popcorn, potato chips etc. will have a slight taste of Hong Kong spices in them.

French desserts are very popular in HK. Any French dessert is either served originally that way or some restaurants innovate and turn them into delicious puddings so that they can add it to their Hong Kong dishes. Italian dining in HK is known as high class dining. You can find very classy Italian restaurants in every five star hotel in Hong Kong to give you that Italian fine dining experience.

With HK being known as a famous trade port in Asia, it has attracted many commercial persons and tourists. These people have influenced greatly in the culinary world in HK which brings out multi-cultural aspect of that nation. So make sure you visit HK and try out all these delicious cuisines.