Best Venues For A Baby Shower

Bringing a life into this world, by no means is an easy task. The pregnancy time is supposed to be one of the most blissful times of a couple’s lives. Not only do you feel your baby grow inside you, but you are also full of excitement for getting to know this new person. It is traditional for a baby shower to be thrown for a woman expecting a baby. This is an age old tradition, where the expectant mother is given a party by her closest female friends and relatives. It is a time where females coo over baby clothes, play ridiculous games that are only played at baby showers and literally shower the expectant mother with gifts for herself and the baby. Baby showers are traditionally held as tea parties. If you too are planning a baby shower for a loved one, here some of the best function rooms in Canberra to have it.

A restaurant

A restaurant is a great place to have a baby shower. This is because you will not have to bother about food when you are at a restaurant. But having a baby shower with an audience might not be the most comfortable thing in the world and some mom’s to be and guests might find it uncomfortable. But there are some restaurants out there that have Canberra pizza restaurants that you can rent by the hour. Rent one of these and you can have your own, private party, with quick and easy access to good food.

Another advantage of having a baby shower in one of the function rooms in a restaurant is to you need not worry overmuch about clean up afterwards. You can, however, decorate it to your heart’s content, provided that you do not damage the walls or furniture.


A baby shower picnic is another great idea for a baby shower venue. If the weather is great, there is no reason why you cannot have a picnic baby shower outdoors. But make sure that you check the weather report before you go ahead and plan a picnic outdoors. If the weather report is a bit unpredictable, it is always best to have a venue close by to which you can shift the entire shower in a couple of minutes. However, having a picnic and being out of doors can be a great experience for the mom to be. In addition, outdoor will look excellent on all those photographs that you are going to be taking. Make sure that you hire the right photographer to capture all these memories. They will definitely make a beautiful memento for the mother to be.