Coffee Around The World

Some of the most favoured and preferred drinks around the world all can trace its origin back to the Ethiopian plains and the coffea plant. One plant and many years’ later, different countries have their own take on this drink.
Café Au Lait The French have their own twist on everything. They are known throughout the world ass the fine dining nation with their own rich dishes and preparation methods. If they have their own take on everything, then why not caffeine as well, this common concoction seen throughout France with the drinkers seen sipping the drink on their idyllic chairs and pavement side tables. Simple yet tasteful, the drink is make up of equal parts of strongly brewed French coffee which has a more bitter taste with warmed milk. The combination of the two brings us one of the most iconic drinks in Paris. The secret behind this drink is the coffee which has to be of a local blend so if you want to create this delicacy at home googling “wholesale coffee act” will not be enough.

Coffee Romano
Italy, the land of love. The passion of its people leave no room to doubt that it really earns its title. While they share a love for many things, one thing they share a love for is food and drink. While their meals might include a commonly followed staple food, each dish as exquisite as the next and when the meal comes to an end, the café is brought out. Despite the name of the drink it truly has no connection to land where sweetness is eponymous with everything and Italy has outright claimed it has no connection to it at all, which leaves this unusual take on the drink homeless but enjoyed The drink made with an espresso shot and a wedge of lemon, might seem like an odd combination, the sourness of the lemon is supposed to bring out the sweetness of the coffee bean. The name and the denial or origin might give this unusual drink some mystery but it’s unusual flavour will no doubt allow its mystery to be kept up since it has no home simply go for coffee in Canberra and pushing in a wedge of lemon in to the glass and the place it becomes most popular for could claim it.

Caffeine is known to have some alluring effect on all of us. Walking into a café where the smell of freshly brewed coffee beans fills the air does have a way of rejuvenating you. They say that the stimulant caused by the drink is simply a temporary farce on your body but until the farce dies down, the taste of a sweet cup of java is just the right way to start your day.