How To Boil A Pork Shoulder?

When you are cooking pork shoulder it can be used to create a wonderful roast dish. You need to cook it by boiling, but first it needs to be cut into pieces that are bite sized. That will help create a wonderful base for a stew dish. The shoulder is a fatty meat portion which has lots of natural flavors. It is an inexpensive portion of the pork to buy and hence, it is popular as well.

How to begin?

When you wish to boil pork shoulder and cook it, you need to get a slow cooker. This allows one to simmer the meat for about an hour or more at high heat and then keep the meat boiling at low heat for six hours or more. In this way the meat becomes tender and the stew is tasty. For getting the best ribs you need to purchase the ribbed portions of the meat.

Getting the right portions

When you are opting to cook a good shoulder roast you need to make a trip to the butcher’s shop. The shoulder is the portion which is the front leg of the pig. The shoulder is the butt portion and the leg is referred to as picnic ham. If you wish to choose the best ribs in Melbourne you need to opt for meat of the upper portions. The upper portion of the front leg is also known as the Boston butt or Boston shoulder. You need to choose the fresh cuts, which will give you the right combination of flavor and texture. 

What to avoid?

When you wish to make fresh stew it is best to get the meat fresh from the butcher’s shop. When you opt for frozen meat it might not taste as good as the meat tends to lose moisture when it is thawedfrom the frozen state for cooking. There are varieties to opt for as well, of the boned or the boneless options. If you opt for the boned varieties the meat will give extra flavor. However, many opt for boneless meat as this provides more meat and less carving requirements. The marbling of the meat makes it juicy and flavorful, but it can be tough for frying. 

Best ways to cook

When you are cooking pork shoulder it is best to boil it. This can be done in a slow cooker or in a stove top. There are different recipes that one can take up for boiling pork shoulder. It is best to allow the meat to simmer in the stew for about six hours or more which will bring out the flavor of the pork. Many cooks check the internal temperature to know how well done the meat is.