Spending 48 Hours In Melbourne

If you are in Melbourne and you have time in your hand before leaving the city, then there are many things to enjoy without shopping. Though it is a dream city for shopping lovers but you can enjoy in other ways too.

You will find world’s best clothing brands, thrift stores as well as varied types of restaurants here. This city has many things to offer to its guests to make their experience memorable. Here are some tips on how to spend quality time without shopping in Melbourne.

Relax at the natural hot spring:

A hot spring is situated beside the city and you can go there by hiring a car easily, it is called peninsula hot spring. This is also a beautiful place for nature lovers. The eye treating hills covered by green will help you get a memorable experience. The spring is covered with rocks and this can give you a unique experience and also the privacy you want. So it will be better to go there in the evening because the scenario becomes stunning then. And you can also save your money because it is not the busy time of that place. But you have to book that place before going there. While returning from the place you can visit any of the top tandoor restaurants in Footscray to enjoy mouthwatering dishes.

Watch penguins waddle home:

Phillip Island is the place which is famous for penguins and it is also not so far from the city. There are many ways to reach there such as car, ferry, couch, etc. There are also many bonus activities for tourists, like spa therapy, motorsport activities, delicious foods like the best curry etc. The penguins are also very special because it is the smallest breed in the world. It will be also good if you go there in the evening because after the whole day of fishing and waddle they return to their home in the island and there are platforms for watching them.

Go for a scenic drive:

If you are in love with driving, then the great ocean road is the perfect place for you. It is probably one of the best coastal drive roads in the world for its scenic beauty. The road is 243 km long and this road passes through rainforests, lighthouses, etc.

Wine tasting:

Yarra valley is very famous for its wine and you can taste fresh wine at that valley. It will be great if you take a guide with you to visit that place and he will arrange the wine for you to taste.