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Thinking of having a party, you have to think of the food the drinks and of course where to have it. However the most cumbersome issue would be the food and drinks for the guests as catering to all tastes and not leaving out any is no easy task.
Using coffee machine capsules would solve most of the thirst problems of the guests as most or if at all, all people like coffee hot or cold with no time reservations. As per every food in the market or may be most of it, there is always a pro and a con to each. Having too much of coffee has been known to have its side effects but this fact has made no impact on the vast percentage of coffee drinkers in the world. 
To coffee lovers coffee machine capsules are the best deal in town as it is easy and instant, unlike in the past where it has to be brood and strained before drinkers. As per everything in the market most products to day are sort after for the sake of convenience even though it may not always be the best.
As for the research done on the subject, the more assumed paybacks of caffeine are for the upkeep of correct brain functioning has only recently begun to be respected by researches. This trend very well manifests in a host of us who blunder unseeingly, drunkenly and unintelligibly, towards the coffee pot at the crack of dawn and by now have felt the result of caffeine on the proper functioning of the brain, however there seem to be more obvious long run issues than the necessity to just get rid of the sleep in our brain and body. The inability to start any every day action without that first cup of coffee to activate our energy cells does tell researches that there I more than what the eye can just see.
Is caffeine the next best thing to having a blast?
Coffee and presumably the caffeine gives us humans a sense of what it means to have all things well after a coffee, and it also promotes an almost drug induced pleasure, liveliness, attentiveness and geniality. However this fact alone should not give us the license to consume this beverage at an out of control and haphazard manner.
It is a fact that this beverage is addictive and falls into the same category as alcohol or any other addictive substance and should be consumed with caution.